TalkingHeadz with Bryan Martin of 8×8

Sorry for the delay in posting a TalkingHeadz interview. We strive for two a month, but that’s sometimes harder than it sounds. Perhaps all that pent up silence caused this podcast to come out a bit longer. Bryan is a…

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The Future of UCaaS Can be ‘Seen’

After decades of delays, video has arrived, and is becoming the new voice.

Putting the Fi Out

It was with enthusiasm that I decided to switch to Google Fi. It turned into a nightmare, with my iPhone being hosed no matter what SIM I subsequently used. I installed the Google Fi SIM that arrived in the mail,…

SHAKEN/STIR is Harmless

Carriers are rolling out the new framework to stop spam. It is based on SHAKEN and STIR (they must have a James Bond thing going on here.) The SHANEN/STIR framework is vary complicated, and it uses a variety of authentications…

Life on a Chromebook

I use a desktop at the office, but on the road I have always used a Windows laptop. I avoided the Mac vortex, and stayed mostly within a single Microsoft Ecosystem. Though, my adoption of Google products and services has…

Right-to-Repair Again

In the 1960s and early 1970s it was illegal to purchase a telephone and connect it to the phone network. Ever since the beginning of the Bell System the policy decision had been to never sell equipment, only rent it….

Who Should Acquire Avaya?

Here’s my list of potential suitors.

Reflections on Avaya

I recently attended two Avaya International events and wanted to share some thoughts. First the positives: It’s so easy to forget about the rest of the world. A week with Avaya International is a big reminder that there’s a whole…

A Solution for Robocalls

There is a super easy way to absolutely fix the spam caller problem. Charge 1-cent to terminate a call on the PSTN. Just a 1-cent fee every time you place a call, whether it goes through, is answered, or is…

Google’s CallJoy May Be Misleading

This SMB service is an exceptional value for what it does, but it comes with several gotchas.

An Insider’s Guide to Enterprise Communications News — April 2019

Here’s What’s Important from April 2019 . . . Events Google Next took place earlier this month. The main news was the GA of Google Voice. I’ve covered the news and the overall strategy regarding collaborative communications pretty well in…