Google Next 2018 – TP Research Note

Google Next took place in July and the company shared a lot of news. Very likely more news that you heard as there are only so many headlines. In this report, I provide a deep dive into two of the…

The Fallen: Hipchat and Stride

Atlassian figured out that it missed its opportunity with Workstream Collaboration.  It agreed to “sell” its assets to competitor Slack and will “buy” an equity position in Slack.  Here’s my TalkingPointz: No idea who ends up paying who in this…

Google Clouds Enterprise Communications

Develops AI components for contact center engagements, and makes UCaaS move with basic hosted telephony option for G Suite

VonageFlow, the Next Evolution

Vonage introduced a new workstream collaboration app called VonageFlow. “Now, Vonage Business Cloud users can leverage team messaging, file sharing, SMS and voice, available across any device, and can integrate directly with the capabilities of Business Inbox, including social messaging…

TalkingHeadz #10 Joe Burton CEO Plantronics (and Polycom)

In this TalkingHeadz, Evan (Twitter and LinkedIn) and I (Twitter and LinkedIn) discuss the human aspects of communications with Joe Burton,  CEO of Plantronics (and as of this month Polycom too). It was almost exactly 49 years ago that Plantronics landed on the moon inside Neil…

8×8 Builds Out X Series

This summer, 8×8 officially rolled out its new X Series that combines all 8×8 unified communications and contact center services as a single platform, bringing together 8×8’s separate Virtual Office, Virtual Contact Center and ContactNow cloud-based products as a continuum…

A Tribute to AT&T’s Victims

AT&T has suffered several outages of their 911 System. The regulatory response was a slap on the hand with a $5.25 million fine. This fine is not enough to curb future misbehavior. An independent company should have been hired by…

4 Reasons to Dump NPS

A simple question simply cannot generate deep data.

Not All Teams Are Built the Same

Cisco Webex Teams and Microsoft Teams may seem identical to the casual observer, but a closer look shows fundamental differences.

I Already Miss Brian

Yesterday, Brian Riggs died in a tragic swimming accident on the coast not far from his home in Southern California. I’m devastated by this news, and I’m so sorry for his wife Hidemi, father, and everyone else that was close…

A Nanosecond in Asia

I haven’t spent a lot of time in Asia this past year. I have been on a special project overseeing the construction of a new facility. This isn’t normally the type of work I do, but it landed in my…

Messaging via Coins and Blockchains – TalkingHeadz #9 with Eric Sackowitz

In this TalkingHeadz video Evan (Twitter/ LinkedIn) and I (Twitter/LinkedIn) discuss a future of cryptographic-enabled communications with Eric Sackowitz, the CTO of PeerStream (OTCQB: PEER). This one has a few layers to it. At the top is PeerStream. It’s a new name,…

Spirit of Service

I worked for and deeply admired the old Bell System. There was an obsession with quality and with service. Every employee had the feeling in their bones that their job was important, even essential. The classic picture of a lineman…

Drucker on Collaboration

Peter Drucker was a management consultant, educator, and author. His writings contributed to the philosophical and practical foundations of modern business. He invented MBOs as a concept, and is generally known as “the founder of modern management.” I know this…

June 2018

It’s over – June 2018 is over, and a lot occurred. Here’s a partial listing of the stories and opinions regarding the events of June 2018. You know, you can get these Quipz monthly opinions sent directly to your email….

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