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Wrong 911

Imagine you have just been in a serious automobile accident. Your car has been T-Boned and is totaled. Your wife...

Sorell Departs Gartner

After about 2.5 years Sorell Slaymaker decided to swipe left on Gartner. Many don’t realize how well UC analysts get to...

The Big Zang Theory

A theory regarding the Zang Universe.   During his keynote at Enterprise Connect, SVP of Engagement Platforms Gary Barnett referred...

Vidyo’s Clowd

Vidyo launched a new cloud service that adds new consumption options including hybrid models to its portfolio. It’s a unique cloud offer because it includes both video conferencing as a service as well as cPaaS as it extends Vidyo’s APIs from products to include services.

Locating 911

My son was driving a car and we were T-Boned at 40-50 MPH. My wife was injured and needed an...