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Sparking Conversations

Cisco’s Spark service overlaps with the company’s UC and TelePresence solutions. For example, all three solutions support video conferencing. Last...

Time for Channel Specialization

The traditional dealer or VAR is no longer just competing with a handful of firms in the same city, but a globe of providers on the same planet. As products turn into services the margins disappear. What’s happening is the general practitioner model for business communications is getting strangled.

Favorite Apps

Contrary to popular opinion, communications apps are not all the same. Some are designed to work with phones, and some...

Press 9 for TDD

Complying with the Americans with disabilities Act (ADA) means providing reasonable accommodation to persons with disabilities. This includes supporting TDD...

Predictions We Got Wrong

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts address failed predictions. Where did we miss the boat entirely, or when has the rate of adoption not met expectations? Blair Pleasant moderates the discussion with Art Rosenberg, J.R. Simmons, Jon Arnold, Phil Edholm, and Kevin Kieller. Among the topics discussed are enterprise social software, voice recognition, CEBP, WebRTC, Google, personal agents, and federation.

Words of the Times

My spell checker will no longer recognize the word “dialtone.” It is so uncommonly used that it has been removed...

Polycom’s Legacy

I associate Polycom with great phones – first the analog saucers, then the SoundPoint IP phones, and now the VVX...

Overcoming UC Limitations

A new breed of communications and collaboration tools aims to take the pain out of enterprise communications -- inside and outside the company, across modalities, and in real time.

Blabbing with Zeus

Zeus and I lost our virginity together – we did our first Blab. Blab is where video conferencing and social...

Mobile Considerations in Enterprise Communications

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts address mobile UC: working mobile, and mobile clients. Participating are Dave Michels, Michael Finneran, Marty Parker, Phil Edholm, Kevin Kieller, Steve Leaden, Art Rosenberg, Dr. Joseph Williams, Blair Pleasant, and Don Van Doren.

Bimodal IT & Collaboration: The Perfect Storm for the CIO

The topic of this Executive Insights podcast is the changing role of IT in enterprises today, as described in two new white papers from Dimension Data. Joining UCStrategies' Jim Burton are the two authors of the white papers, Ian Heard, Group Communications Principal Director: Collaboration, and David Danto, Principal Consultant for Collaboration, and Ian Heard, Group Communications Principal Director: Collaboration.

Cisco and Apple

Apple and Cisco announced they are creating a “fast lane” for iOS business users with the optimization of Cisco networks for...