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What is Doomed, End of Life, Kaput (or Should Be)?

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts are posed the question, "What is Doomed, End of Life, Kaput (or Should Be)?" Topics could include technologies, vendors, practices, or "anything else." Dave Michels moderates the discussion, and is joined by Art Rosenberg, Kevin Kieller, Don Van Doren, Michael Finneran, Blair Pleasant, Marty Parker, Steve Leaden, J.R. Simmons, Jon Arnold, and Simon Dudley.

Time to Drop the Anchor

There are two times when it makes more sense to go with UCaaS than a premises-based UC anchor: always and now. There was a time when premises-based solutions made the most sense - basically when there wasn’t a choice. UCaaS has been evolving now for over a decade and it now offers a robust set of benefits. There are lots of reasons why UCaaS stands out. Here’s five...

Microsoft: Continuing to Change UC

In this Industry Buzz podcast, Marty Parker leads a discussion with the UCStrategies Experts about Microsoft. Joining the call today are Phil Edholm, Simon Dudley, Dr. Joseph Williams, Jim Burton, Kevin Kieller, Michael Finneran, Roberta J. Fox, Dave Michels, Art Rosenberg, and Jon Arnold.

Dear Dave 1

In May, Dave Maldow and I recorded a conversation dubbed Chatting with Dave.  There’s quite a bit of overlap between...

A Password Strategy

It’s well documented that the most sign-in common password is “password” and that “123456” is next most popular. To combat...

My Travel Tricks

I am not a hardened road warrior but do typically travel a few times a month. Here’s a few of...

Is UCaaS a Blip or a Trend?

In this Industry Buzz podcast, UCStrategies' Dave Michels poses questions about UC-as-a-Service (UCaaS) to the UC Experts. Participating this week are Kevin Kieller, Evan Kirstel, Dr. Joseph Williams, Phil Edholm, Roberta J. Fox, Jon Arnold, Blair Pleasant, Steve Leaden, Don Van Doren, J.R. Simmons, Marty Parker, and Art Rosenberg.

Encrypt the Email

If eMail were encrypted and secure, your bank could email you your monthly statement. Your doctor could communicate directly with...

UC Experts Engage on Avaya

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts discuss Avaya in the wake of their recent analyst consultant conference held in conjunction with IAUG in Denver. Marty Parker moderates the conversation, which includes Experts Roberta J. Fox, Dave Michels, Phil Edholm, J.R. Simmons, and Art Rosenberg.