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UCStrategies Reviews Enterprise Connect 2015

UCStrategies was well represented at Enterprise Connect 2015, presenting, moderating, and participating on panels. In this Industry Buzz podcast moderated by Michael Finneran, the UCStrategies Experts discuss what made this year's event stand out. The conversation includes Jim Burton, Blair Pleasant, Don Van Doren, Kevin Kieller, Phil Edholm, Evan Kirstel, Steve Leaden, and Dave Michels.

Apple v Corning

Colin here. You may recall that Apple was supposed to switch to Sapphire glass with the iPhone 6. It was...

Choose Your Tyranny

Colin here. In China, the government makes no defense against their blocking of undesirable Internet sites. If you search on certain...

I Chat with WeChat

Colin here. I have finally broken down and become an avid WeChat user.What, you never heard of WeChat? My understanding...

NEC Launches Smart Enterprise, Globally

NEC’s solutions span across enterprise, public sector, energy, and carriers. Its enterprise solutions include UC, logistics, distribution, transport, production management, and plant management. The company observes that technologies are crossing between these sectors. With this multi-disciplinary perspective, NEC offers its observations and definitions for the modern “Smart Enterprise.” Specifically, NEC has identified 10 strategic drivers that are empowering Smart Enterprises.

Thinking of Phones

Steve Kokinos, CEO of UCaaS innovator Thinking Phone Networks, gives us the lowdown on where the company is today and where it's headed.

UCStrategies Experts Preview Enterprise Connect 2015

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts preview Enterprise Connect 2015, March 16-19, in Orlando. Jim Burton is the moderator, and is joined by Marty Parker, Michael Finneran, Dave Michels, Blair Pleasant, Phil Edholm, Kevin Kieller, Steve Leaden, Dr. Joseph Williams, and Art Rosenberg.