Mitel Launches New Look and Promise

Mitel intends to project one consistent company to the world that includes one voice, one image, one brand, and one goal–growth.

iPhone Users Should Nix 2 Year Verizon Contract

If you enter into a 2-year Verizon contract you are going to get screwed. Here’s the math: When you buy an iPhone in a 2-year contract you get a $450 discount off the retail price. If you immediately terminate that…

Lync, Skype, and IM

I can’t recall when I started using Skype – probably around 2007. It’s incredibly useful – at least it was. I’ve begun removing contacts from Skype because their presence indication is always green/available. Presence is one of the key features…

Enjoy the Status Quo While it Lasts

It is interesting to reflect on the amount of change that has occurred. But there are two very important considerations as we ponder about enterprise communications. Today’s deployments must center on mobility and cloud, and the industry is on the cusp of significant innovation. Long term strategies, beyond rapid adaptation, are pointless with the current rate of change and shear degree of new technologies emerging.

Premises-Based UC Is Over

The premises-based segment of the UC industry is dead (though it limps along in aging PBX systems). Long live the UC cloud!

Chambers is on the Bridge

Chambers likes to do interviews, but they are mostly on point about something Cisco just announced. I thought this Wall Street Journal Interview captured more about Mr. Chambers than most. Though I disagree with the Trek reference. If you want to…

IRS Scam Call

There is a major scam ring with people impersonating the IRS.This happened to my gardener and we called back and I recorded the call.Actually, it is quite amusing to listen to. There are so many threats in this call that…

Social Customer Service in the Enterprise

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts are joined by Karina Howell, Solutions Marketing Manager, Interactive Intelligence. The topic is Social Customer Care, using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as a channel for customer service. Blair Pleasant moderates the podcast, and is joined by Experts Phil Edholm, Steve Leaden, Dave Michels, Roberta J. Fox, Jon Arnold, Melissa Swartz, Art Rosenberg, and Dr. Joseph Williams.

Thoughts on the Apple Watch

The big news last week was Apple’s watch. It tightly integrates with the iPhone and the price starts at $350. Everybody’s all excited about the Sapphire display glass which keeps it from getting scratched. But what nobody seems to have noticed…

Phones and iPhones in Thailand

I recently posted an article talking about the iPhone 6. You can buy them in Thailand before general availbility. The real ones, not copies. The copies are also starting to show up in the phone stores. Some of them run…

2014 Hype Cycle

I added a few UC components to the 2014 Gartner Hype Cycle Gartner’s Hype Cycle Report provides strategists and planners with an assessment of the maturity, business benefit and future direction of more than 2,000 technologies, grouped into 119 areas….

Fuze for Enterprise

If you haven’t checked out Fuze lately, they are worth another look.  It’s a video/WebEx type service with a very compelling freemium model. Besides the pricing, there’s a few things that make this service extremely enticing. Enterprise Integration: Fuze plays…

What’s a WebRTC Application?

While we clearly know and recognize WebRTC technology and its intent, recognizing or defining WebRTC applications is fairly complex.

Mobility with Video

A few thoughts on ShoreTel Mobility 8 ShoreTel released Mobility 8 last month (Aug 8). ShoreTel Mobility 8 includes the router and ShoreTel Mobility Clients for iOS and Android. The clients support single-touch dialing which now includes video calls too….

New From Apple: The iPager

The team in Cupertino did it again. This device is amazing – the new iPager from Apple. Many people were expecting a watch, or iWatch. “Watches are ridiculously obsolete” says an Apple employee who works in the same building that…

Unify Heads to Santa Cruz

News recently broke that Unify intends to open an office in Santa Cruz, CA. If you are not familiar with Santa Cruz, it’s just west of San Jose, about 45 minutes over the pass as they say. That pass separates…

Cloud Security Headlines

This week there were two major security headlines that might cause you to think twice about doing business in the cloud. The first was the celebrity photo leak. A very bad person broke into the iCloud accounts of some very…

Getting out of a Tele-Rut

Colin here. America’s reaction to voice texting surprises me, but it shouldn’t.Since Apple announced that they were adding the ability to send voice messages as part of their text messaging system, I have watched a continual stream of editorials lambasting…

Kevin Kennedy on Leadership

A recent interview with Kevin Kennedy was published in the Economic Times. I find both Kennedy and Avaya an interesting quagmire. On one hand, they are the classic victim of disruption – the market leader that was late with VoIP…

Embrace Video

If you were to total your audio and video calls, what percentage would be video?