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Improving Your Hand

I was recently at a conference where the speaker spoke about getting rid of “D players” within an IT group. By D Players, he was referring to the poor performers. Every team has some...

Business Models Disrupted by the Cloud

Cloud services are not just an entirely different business model, but the next business model. The technology and the economics are disruptive, requiring end users and analysts to set new expectations.

Tim Passios on Interactive’s Customer Service Experience Study

Jim Burton of UCStrategies caught up with Tim Passios, Vice President of Solutions Marketing at Interactive Intelligence, in this Executive Insights podcast. The topic is the recently completed Customer Service Experience Study (Wave II). The second annual international survey involved about 1,500 consumers, and 500 IT professionals and customer care leaders.

Degrees of Presence

The UC system vendors today that are increasing their market presence are Cisco, Microsoft, and Mitel, according to a recent Wainhouse Research study.

UCStrategies on Interactions 2014

In this week's Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts review the Interactive Intelligence Global Conference, Interactions 2014. Jim Burton is the moderator, and is joined by Phil Edholm, Don Van Doren, Dave Michels, Jon Arnold, Bill MacKay, Ar...

PBX Users are Retarded

When I was young my teachers told me about the dangers of marijuana, and then retreated to the teacher’s “lounge”...

Vertical and Fulton Merge

From the stranger than fiction department, Vertical Communications and Fulton Communications merged. The new company will operate as Vertical Communications...

Forget UC ROI

Stop wasting your time with UC ROI tools. It’s that simple. ROI is for sissies. ROI, or return on investment, is...

UCStrategies and Ram Menghani, on the NEC Advantage

Several UCStrategies Experts attended the NEC Advantage event in Nashville in May. This week, UCStrategies invited Ram Menghani, Vice President, UC Products and Services, NEC, into the conversation to discuss the event, and other NEC happenings. The co...