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UCI Forum: Unified Communications and SDN (UC SDN)

In this Executive Insights podcast, UCStrategies' Jim Burton is joined by Pascal Menezes, Principal Program Manager Skype and Lync Strategic Relations Solutions (SRS) for Microsoft. The topic is the UCI Forum, and UC SDN (software defined networking).

Omni-Channel Capabilities in the Contact Center

The topic of this week's Industry Buzz podcast is omni-channel capabilities in the contact center. The UCStrategies team welcomes guest Karina Howell, Solutions Marketing Manager for Contact Center at Interactive Intelligence. Don Van Doren is the mode...

MS Lync Update

Last week was LyncConf14, in Las Vegas. I’ve been composing my thoughts in my first Wainhouse research note, but wanted...

Credit Card Fraud

Colin Here. In my last article I wrote how the phone company could have trivially shut down phone phreakers using blue...

ArrowS3 Focused on Services

Citius Altius Fortius. That was the theme at the recent ArrowS3 national sales conference. The Olympian expression translates to Faster, Higher, and Stronger. That’s a powerful and timely mantra for the UC channel.

BYOD: Where is it Going from Here?

In the What UC Trends Will Fizzle in 2014 podcast held a couple of weeks ago, Dave Michels suggested the following: "BYOD is absolutely over;...not that bring your own device is over...bring your own device and store corporate data on it...will dissape...


I’d like to make some key points about SDNs. First, UC is the killer app for enterprise-wide SDNs.  I wrote...

A Room With A View

Somewhere within the hard phone v softphone debate is an emerging class of collaborative endpoints. These are devices and/or accessories...