UCStrategies Experts Discuss Recent Industry Consolidation

Prompted by the recently announced planned merger of Mitel and Aastra, the UCStrategies Experts discuss industry consolidation among UC vendors and channels, and the drivers behind the trends seen in the UC marketplace. Dave Michels moderates this week’s discussion, and is joined by Roberta Fox, Marty Parker, Clark Richter, Dr. Joseph Williams, Art Rosenberg, Jon Arnold, and Michael Finneran.

BroadSoft: What’s Good for the Goose

BroadSoft introduces a new cloud strategy

Hold My Calls: Southwest Gate-to-Gate Connectivity

Southwest Airlines recently sent me notification that it is the only airline to offer gate-to-gate connectivity on the majority of its fleet.  The service is coupled with its entertainment system with DISH TV and on-demand programming. Our satellite-based WiFi allows you…

Mitel, Unify, and Amazon

What a week. It was a week of travel. I spent the week in Japan attending the NEC iExpo. More on that coming soon. The flight from Denver to Tokyo is over 12 hours – quite possibly the longest I’ve…

The Demise of Telecom Part2

Colin Here. I complain that the basic problem in telecom is an utter lack of creative problem solving. I don’t know if this is because people in telecom aren’t all that creative or if it is because organizations have become…

UCStrategies Reviews the Magic Quadrant for Corporate Telephony

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts discuss the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Corporate Telephony. Marty Parker moderates the conversation with UC Experts Jim Burton, Dave Michels, Michael Finneran, Joseph Williams, Blair Pleasant, Art Rosenberg, Roberta J. Fox, and Kevin Kieller.

Cloud Winning on Customer Service

A popular misconception about cloud services and providers is that they can’t compete on customer service. We want a throat to choke not a website. There are three reasons why this conclusion is wrong. 1. The idea of customer service…

Reclaiming the Title “Smartphone”

For several years of hard phone v softphone debates, I’ve maintained that the correct answer is a reinvented hardphone. Cisco provides the model with its DX650 video endpoint. I wrote about it when it was launched, and it’s grown on me because it represents a new expectation for desktop UC.


The Mitel-Aastra merger makes sense

Next: NEC iEXPO 2013

My last conference for the year will be NEC iEXPO 2013 and the C&C  (computers and communications) User Forum in Tokyo. Did you know that NEC has been providing telecom solutions for longer than any other UC and Telecom vendor?  The…

The Demise of Telecom Part1

Colin here. I’m pretty convinced that the telecommunications industry is dead, or that it will be about as dead as Blockbuster Video. I met this week with a telecom guy that I have known for years. He could take a…

UCStrategies Reaction to Microsoft Lync’s Reported Growth

In this Industry Buzz podcast, Blair Pleasant moderates a discussion among the UCStrategies Experts about the reported growth of Microsoft Lync deployments in enterprise voice and the impact that Microsoft Lync is having on the UC market. Also included are Marty Parker, Dave Michels, Jim Burton, Phil Edholm, Steve Leaden, Art Rosenberg, Michael Finneran, Kevin Kieller, and Roberta J. Fox.

Sonus Evolving the SBC

Today Sonus Networks updated its SBC 5000 series to facilitate broader UC streams. SBCs have always been tightly associated with SIP, and since SIP is increasingly used for all kinds of UC traffic, this evolution makes a lot of sense. These new service…

Short History and Future of Single Number

The history and prospects for Single Number service

The Week Ahead with WebRTC

The great codec debate for WebRTC may finally come to a close this week. There’s lots of ways to look at the issue – open vs. closed, defacto vs. disruptive, solution vs. problem, and so on. Since my post on Cisco’s…

Decoding WebRTC with Erik Lagerway

When I have questions about codecs and IETF standards, I turn to Erik Lagerway. I caught him in the midst of packing for his trip to the upcoming IETF 88 meeting. Erik was a co-founder of Xten Networks (now a part…