Software-Defined Networking and UC

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies team welcomes Manfred Arndt, distinguished technologist from HP’s Advanced Technology Group focused on UC and mobility, to discuss Software-Defined Networking at HP. The conversation is moderated by Dave Michels, who is joined by Blair Pleasant, Dr. Joseph Williams, Phil Edholm, Steve Leaden, and Marty Parker.

Visit to Spectralink (photos)

Just prior to the Boulder Floods, I visited the Spectralink office in Boulder. Note Spectralink, not SpectraLink. I wrote about the experience on NoJitter. Below are some pictures from my field trip. This was the one photo I took from…

Forbes is Right – So What

Forbes published a tirade on Microsoft on Jan 2 titled Microsoft is Fast Turning Into a Sideshow. Roger Kay makes some compelling points that Microsoft is not as influential as it once was, and that it has missed or blown…

ShoreTel and the Game of Verticals

The Los Angeles Dodger’s just signed … ShoreTel. Before I get to my main point here about verticals, I want to emphasize that is dramatic news, because: ShoreTel is based in Northern California – close to AT&T Park. They really…

Blue Jeans Raises $50 Million

Blue Jeans Network announced that it secured an additional $50 million in funding. The round brings its total capital raised to nearly $100 million. Congratulations to Blue Jeans, it’s impressive what they have accomplished. What does this mean? Here’s my interpretation of the news.

The Viking in Boulder

Spectralink gets ready to launch its first major product initiative since regaining its independence from Polycom

Rich McBee Going on Four Years at Mitel

A wide-ranging discussion includes cloud and virtualization strategies, go-to-market, economic trends, and possible further acquisitions.

How to Secure Corporate Communications

Colin here. Probably the question that I am most asked anymore is whether we should use more encrypted communications to protect our corporate secrets and confidential information. The undercurrent is whether by using SSL or security certificates our organization may…

Boulder Flood 2013

Just a short update on the Boulder Floods.¬† It’s been a long storm. It rained most of last week, but really started coming down last Wednesday. My wife and I got caught in the downpour coming home. We hit some…

Extreme Networks Amplifies Its Team

This week Siemens Enterprise Communications sold its Enterasys networking division to Extreme Networks. It is a fairly strategic deal for Extreme. The company expands its portfolio and R&D, doubles its revenue, expands its channel, and eliminates a competitor. Extreme will pick up 900 employees and some critical technologies in SDN and fabric switching.

The Other Amazon Network

Colin Here. Telecommunications has always been heavily interconnected with government. The NORAD and SAGE systems were primarily developed by the Bell System, as we’re most of America’s nuclear weapons. When Bell was broken up these functions were transferred to the…

Discussion on Conferencing and Video Interoperability with Scott Wharton of Vidtel

The UCStrategies Experts welcome Scott Wharton, CEO of Vidtel, to this Industry Buzz podcast to discuss the state of conferencing and video interoperability in unified communications. The podcast is moderated by Marty Parker, and includes Dave Michels, Don Van Doren, Phil Edholm, Tsahi Levent-Levi, Bill MacKay, and Michael Finneran.

Johnny Cab

What seemed far fetched just a few years ago is on the fast track toward reality. I’m speaking about Johnny Cab. In the movie Total Recall,¬†Douglas Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger) jumps into a driver-less taxi known as “Johnny Cab.” To make…

What to Expect When The NSA Calls

Everybody should now know that the NSA spying program has little to do with terrorism. After all, how can the United Nations possibly be a terrorist organization that needs to be spied upon? We also should realize that no politician…

No Such Thing as a Mobile User

I’m done with mobility. Not the concept, the term. For years now the UC promise has included the “work from anywhere” mantra. We did it. Let’s stop talking about remote user like it matters any more. To a cloud service provider, all users are remote. It doesn’t treat users differently if they are at the office or not, so why do we treat it as if it still matters?

Google, Skype, and WebRTC

Google’s real target in its Vidyo deal was Skype

WebRTC Just Became Vidyo’s Bitch

Last week I attended a virtual panel on video hosted by Wainhouse Research. The participants included representatives from Polycom, LifeSize, Cisco, and Vidyo. The topic was WebRTC. That same day Vidyo made a fairly major announcement regarding WebRTC. It was…

Microsoft Buying Nokia Changes Nothing

Microsoft-Nokia makes no sense

The RJ Free Home

Colin here. This past week I went home shopping. A young couple who are friends with my wife are about to purchase their first home. This is an important decision for them, and so they asked that I look at…