It takes an Engineer

Wire managed process and skill remains important. Yes, I know we live in a wireless age, but you wouldn’t know it around my office. I just moved my PC from under my desk to on my desk. This involved re-routing…

Acano Goes GA

Acano is a new conferencing and collaboration solution built around what it calls “coSpaces.” The company came out of stealth last June at InfoComm and this week announced the general availability of the Acano Solution.

UCStrategies Experts on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for UC – 2013

The UCStrategies Experts review the Gartner Magic Quadrant for UC (2013), in this Industry Buzz podcast moderated by Marty Parker. The conversation also includes Don Van Doren, Dave Michels, Phil Edholm, Dr. Joseph Williams, Roberta J. Fox, Clark Richter, Art Rosenberg, Steve Leaden, and Michael Finneran.

Avaya the Disruptor

It is an old yarn, when significant changes in technology threaten the current sector leaders. In enterprise voice Cisco and ShoreTel leveraged the transition to VoIP to become major players, and now Microsoft is using UC as its opportunity to play. Bu…

More Industry Consolidation Coming?

Will the communications industry consolldate?

Breaking the iPhone Verizon Contract is Smart

Colin here. What is the smartest way to purchase a smartphone (such as an iPhone). The carriers now all offer both 2-year contract prices and no-contract rental programs (Verizon calls their program “Verizon Edge”). Which is the best deal under…

Gartner MQ UC: Match the Vendor

The last game on TalkingPointz was Match the UC Tagline to the UC Vendor. This new game is made possible due to the recent Gartner Magic Quadrant UC report. This report attempts to boil down a whole lot of complex…

HP Targeting the Growing UC Opportunity

As UC continues to gain more attention from users and vendors alike, HP is doubling-down and brings to the industry a single integrator that offers a multi-vendor approach, key hardware components, professional and hosted services, and expertise – globally.

You Never Knew What Hit You…

Colin here. Retailing “complexity games” are very frustrating. They range from the low-ball monthly price for Comcast service that then balloons after a few months to termination fees on cell phone companies. I ran into one “complexity game” that I…


In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts address return on investment (ROI) in UC. The conversation is moderated by Dave Michels, who is joined by Steve Leaden, Marty Parker, Don Van Doren, Dr. Joseph Williams, Kevin Kieller, Bill MacKay, Michael Finneran, Art Rosenberg, Phil Edholm, Jon Arnold, and Roberta J. Fox.

Photo Messaging: What Will They Think of Next?

Real innovation, the type that imposes disruptive change on the life of a worker or a consumer, typically results from an innovator believing that the status quo is no longer good enough. A recent announcement of a new form of messaging, photo messaging to be precise,  got me thinking about the past and the future.

Q and A: Mitel CEO Rich McBee

An interview with Mitel CEO Rich McBee

The Next Chapter for ShoreTel

The word I use with ShoreTel is Tenacious. Tenacious: Adj.┬áNot easily dispelled or discouraged; persisting in existence or in a course of action. ShoreTel is tenacious because it’s a relatively small vendor, with few unique features and capabilities, that’s only…

Attitudes on Video Need to Change

We know video conferencing makes sense. We know it can be more efficient than travel and more robust than audio-only or text-based communications. But despite the obvious benefits, many remain resistant to it. It’s time to let go of the past and face your colleagues.

Suggested Priorities for Polycom CEO Kevin Parker

Advice for Polycom’s new CEO

Trip to Ottawa

WebRTC is real, it resulted with me traveling to Ottawa. It had been a while since I’ve been to Canada, so I thought I would share a few observations. In a respectful way, it was like going back in time….

The Two Sides of Microsoft

I am not a fan of Apple, so many people assume that I am a Microsoft fan. Actually, I’m not really a fan type. Call me paranoid, but I’m convinced all these companies just want my money and don’t really…

Point to Point and PRISM

Colin here with a question: Does Point to Point Communications bypass PRISM? PRISM has been in the media a lot recently. And, it has raised a lot of questions about what is being monitored and which carriers are being monitored….

UC Pitfalls and Opportunities

The technology aspect of unified communications often receives most of the attention, but this week the UCStrategies Experts turn their attention to people and processes in a conversation about UC pitfalls. The discussion is moderating by Blair Pleasant, who is joined by Jon Arnold, Kevin Kieller, Marty Parker, Dave Michels, Dr. Joseph Williams, Art Rosenberg, Michael Finneran, Bill MacKay, Phil Edholm, Roberta J. Fox, and Steve Leaden.