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Key Trends in UC

I’ve attended Enterprise Connect, UC Summit, and AR events by ALU, Aastra, Avaya, SEN, and Mitel. Some clear themes are bubbling to the top. Today, each vendor still has nuanced angles, but many aspects of the bigger picture vision is aligning.

Mitel and Vidyo Promote the Conversation

Virtualization spawns friendships. Both Mitel and Vidyo have partnered with VMware for several years. Last year, the two firms demonstrated a UC video-enabled solution within a single VMware environment resulting in a “meet-in-the-channel” partnership. Yesterday, the relationship got a lift and Mitel became a Vidyo distributor.

Fingerprints on the Cookie Jar

Cookies are tried and true, but the Internet itself is beginning to move toward fingerprinting. A fingerprint looks at more of the available information provided to determine the user.

Battling For Productivity

There is no shortage of competitive battles in UC. But there are also looming battles on the periphery. In this case, if you like to watch a good fight, get a good seat for the upcoming Google and Microsoft battle over office productivity suites.

Tips on the Remote Office

Everyone is doing it, and now it’s your chance. Taking the plunge into remote working can be tricky. I’ve been doing it now for years, so here is some advice for newbies.

Microsoft and Me

Regarding desktops, tablets, and smartphones – I am considering going pure Microsoft. That will mean two new mobile devices, and...

DIY Room Systems

I was a bit disappointed in last week’s Infocomm event. That show has become a major conference for the video conferencing industry and I expected interesting announcements this year. There was not a lot of news from the incumbent leaders. Some didn’t announce anything and some attempted to make little into bigger announcements. However, I was intrigued by a paragraph in Vidyo’s announcement on new NUC-based room systems.

Mitel Snags prairieFyre

Yesterday, Mitel announced its $20 million acquisition of prairieFyre. The two firms have been partners in the contact center space for about 15 years with Mitel rebranding the solution since 2002.

Partnering in Pencil

In these disruptive times partnering is not what it used to be. It seems that every industry is undergoing some degree of transformation, and as it does so partners become competitors. This is very likely the new norm, and not just a spike of craziness during a transition. As different firms have different competencies, there’s no clear formula on who will win at doing what. Throw in acquisitions and bankruptcies and there’s no end of these shifts in sight.

What is the WebRTC Opportunity for the Channel?

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts discuss the opportunities that WebRTC presents the channel, specifically resellers, distributors, and consultants. Dave Michels moderates the conversation, along with Phil Edholm, Tsahi Levent-Lev...

Avaya Targeting ShoreTel

Last week I was at an Avaya analyst event. I kept hearing about “simple” and “net promoter scores.” The term “enterprise” came up, but not as much as “Mid Market.” These and other clues throughout the two-day event told me Avaya is getting serious about ShoreTel.

Avaya and HP Partner

Avaya and HP are logical partners. Their combined product portfolio clearly reveals Cisco as a major competitor. However, the two firms haven’t tied the knot like many expected.

What Is Collaboration?

Collaboration is one of those funny words that we use all the time with an assumption we agree on its meaning. Collaboration comes in many forms; it isn’t even particularly new. What’s put it on the front burner is distributed and flatter teams. The key goal of collaboration is to keep teams productive, efficient, and aligned – regardless of location.


PBX vendors have historically distributed TDM telephones through authorized channels. This made sense as telephones were only purchased by existing customers and customers often required additional hardware or services to make them work. The same was t...

The Risk of Equating Revenue to Sales

Last week Infonetics announced that PBX revenue is down. Does that mean sales are down? Most will say yes because revenue is commonly equated to sales, but it isn’t that simple. The problem is PBX solutions are becoming less expensive.


Over the past decade we’ve made some tremendous progress with audio quality. Most notably the G.722 and the Opus codecs that have made great strides toward the elimination of the narrow tunnel-tone associated with telephony audio.