Who Killed the Press Release?

Last week, the SEC made it official, ironically with a press release, that public companies, under certain conditions, can use social media and blogs as public notice to investors. The implications of these changes are greater than they may appear. It isn’t just about investor relations, but more about how the Internet continues to flatten distribution and communications.

Countdown to UC Summit 2013

It’s that time again – UC Summit time. The annual UC Summit takes place in San Diego at the end of this month. It’s a unique event – focused on the UC channel with invited guests of honor being both the principals of UC VARs and industry consultants. The issue here isn’t the technology; the key focus at the Summit is the shifting role of the trusted advisor. The big theme this year appears to be cloud, and this year’s Diamond and Platinum sponsors (HP, Cisco, Microsoft, NEC, Siemens, and Sonus) all have shiny new clouds to discuss.


Remember when endpoints were called phones? Now when we speak about phones we have to use the word “endpoint” as a catch-all for all the various types. We’ve come a long way from the infamous “you can have any color you want as long as it’s black” mentality. It’s nice to have so many options. Or is it?

Next week – ALU

Alcatel-Lucent sometimes disappears from top of mind – they are not as well known in N. American enterprises as they are around the world. But the powerhouse of intellectual property is hosting its analyst event next week to discuss its UC…

Innovation Showcase at EC13

The hands-down highlight (for me) of each Enterprise Connect conference is the Innovation Showcase. Partly because I run it, but also because it is really the only part of the conference that is focused on the up and comers, the…

UCStrategies Looks at UC Consolidation

The UCStrategies Experts take a look at the consolidation going on in unified communications; some of the surprising mergers from the recent past, and what to look for on the horizon. Don Van Doren moderates this Industry Buzz podcast, and is joined by…

UCaaS Channel Building

Hosted voice has been quietly evolving. Vonage quickly became a household name in the early 2000s, but businesses were slower to embrace the cloud. It did not start to build traction until probably around 2005, slowly growing and evolving into

How the Bell System Missed the Internet 8

“Epilogue” In this series I have been talking about how in the 1970s AT&T’s Billy Oliver had the vision to build a packet switched data network. Billy was the Steve Jobs of the Bell System. He was a visionary and…

UC versus UC&C

Anyone else notice that the “what’s UC?” question has finally died down? Just when we thought we had it licked, the term is increasingly being replaced with UC&C – or unified communications and collaboration. In case you missed the memo, everyone agreed on the change last month, and this site will be changing its name soon to

How the Bell System Missed the Internet 7

“The ACS System Has been Faked. It still does not work. It will never work.” At this point we have a situation where I reported that the ACS system cannot ever work. It is late, hundreds of people have been…

Match the EC13 Vendor to its Tagline

Pop quiz, here’s ten UC taglines spotted at the recent Enterprise Connect (#EC13) conference. Can you match the vendor to its tagline? Vendors Taglines 1 8×8 A Amplify Teams 2 Aastra B Click. Connect. Collaborate 3 Avaya C Cloud Solutions…

How the Bell System Missed the Internet 6

“The fraud…” The Bell System ACS system was the largest privately financed R&D project in the history of mankind as of 1980. It was designed to have been the network that connected every home and business with data. The Bell…

Innovation Comes to the Enterprise

The EC13 Innovation Showcase points to a bright future for innovation in the enterprise