Lync 2013 News and Responses

Microsoft held it first Lync conference, Lync Conference 2013, February 19-21 in San Diego. In this Industry Buzz podcast, the …read more Listen to the Podcast: Podcasts

Power of the People

How social media is costing traditional media its power

Is Security That Complicated

Colin here. I recently had to set up an account with a US Government web site. I had a dickens of a time picking a password. They had amazing rules: The first character needed to be a number. The password…

Mitel Virtually Recognized

According to Infonetics, only three enterprise telephony vendors posted year-over-year gains in revenue during 2012. Mitel, Cisco, and ShoreTel. It is hard to attribute success to any one component of a business strategy, but the commitment to virtuali…

Marissa Gets it Right

The era of home and remote teleworking at Yahoo! has come to an end. It is time to get back to work – not the activity, but the place. No more lollygagging at home watching “Ellen” in your pajamas. Shockingly, some of the employees are upset about this, but their complaints only reveals their chagrin. If employees really wanted a work-remote option, they should have worked harder.

Wanted: Mitel VP of Sales NA

Mitel recently confirmed its third quarter 2013 results won’t pack any big surprises. Oh, and that its VP of Sales for North America is leaving the company.

Next Up: Channel Partners, Telespan, and EC

I’ve never been to a Channel Partners event. I’ve registered several times, but something always came up. It looked like that was to happen again this year as  I was planning to attend the VMware PEX event earlier in the…

Virtually Collaborating

To collaborate simply means one or more working toward a goal. It isn’t even one or more people; bees collaborate on honey making. Collaboration is about as non-technical as it gets. People were collaborating before electricity, computers and telephones were ever imagined. Collaboration becomes an exercise in technology when the collaborators are not in the same time or place. It wasn’t long ago that such a concept was nonsense. Today, it’s child’s play.

Digium Announces Partner Awards

Digium announced its annual Pinnacle Partner award winners based on their annual sales from 2012 and commitment to excellent customer satisfaction. Channel partners for both Asterisk and Switchvox are recognized for developing and growing the relationship. These partners are certified to sell Digium’s full offering of unified communications (UC) and VoIP solutions, Asterisk hardware, IP phones, gateways, telephony cards and redundancy appliances.

Call Your Own Contact Center

As a professional Blogolyst in UC, I regularly write about how modern communications infrastructure can deliver improved productivity and collaboration. Especially, via the contact center which can deliver improved customer interactions and experiences…

a stack of books such as BUsiness Model Generation and The Connected Company, The New Community Rules and Collaboration Imperative

Current Reading

I realized the current stack of books on my desk were ideal for a photo and blog post.  But before i get into the actual books, let my preface this post with two points: I find I’m not so good…

John Del Pizzo on Social Business at IBM

In this Industry Buzz podcast, Blair Pleasant, Orrin Broberg, Jon Arnold, Jim Burton, Michael Finneran, Marty Parker, Paul Robinson, Steve Leaden, Don Van Doren, Phil Edholm, Dave Michels, Art Rosenberg, Kevin Kieller, Jay Brandstadter, Russell Bennett…

Why WebRTC May Not Matter

Why WebRTC may not be optimal for contact centers

RIM Out; BB10 In

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts welcome representatives from Blackberry (formerly RIM) to discuss the new Blackberry 10 product line. Dave Michels moderates the conversation, which includes Experts Steve Leaden, Michael Finneran…

A High Temperature Mystery

Colin here. I just visited a data center of a branch in Thailand. I was headed down to Thailand anyway, and as they were having some problems and I like troubleshooting I said I would stop by. For some reason,…