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Insider Report August 2022

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from August 2022 It’s the Economy, Stupid Economists have it made. No one understands the economy, so they are never held accountable for wrong predictions. We know that comms stocks and forecasts are declining,…

TalkingHeadz with Alan Masarek, CEO of Avaya

When Avaya exited bankruptcy (late 2017), I casually remarked to a friend that Avaya and Vonage should get together. In hindsight, it was a brilliant idea, but at time it was ludicrous. Avaya was free from Chapter 11, had restructured…

Salesforce, Slack Just Changed Team Messaging

Slack takes on Microsoft Office with its recently revealed Canvas feature.

Zoom Phone Local Survivability: Zoom Phone’s Hybrid Moment

The hybrid office conversation needs to extend to resilient architecture. Zoom’s first hybrid workload addresses this need.

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