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Virtual Analyst Events

Last week I attended the Zoom Analyst event (#Zoom20). This was my first virtual analyst event as it was for many others — including Zoom. I attend a lot of events, and conclude each year that I should attend less….

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Is the Internet Going to Break?

We are placing unprecedented demand on our network and computing services. The coronavirus is spreading and with it comes illness, deaths, and fear. The experts advise us to stay home with clean hands, and for most of us that means…

TalkingHeadz Podcast News with VoiceMails 022020

Check out this new TalkingHeadz Podcast where we discuss the top news events of Feb 2020. We are using the Feb TalkingPointz Insider Report as our template. If you are not an insider, and curious what’s in an Insider report,…

TalkingHeadz Podcast with Craig Walker, CEO Dialpad

It’s been fascinating to watch Craig disrupt communications, it’s a show that never stops. Craig popped up on my radar at Grand Central (I still have that number, now associated with Google Voice). But, Craig was busy disrupting before that,…

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