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Insider Report for January 2021

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from January 2021 There is a lot of optimism about the new year — less pandemic, more travel, and an opportunity to create the new normal. There is indeed hope that we are past…

TalkingHeadz with Scott Wharton, Logitech

I believe Scott is the first guest to return to TalkingHeadz. Our first interview with Scott took place after Infocomm 2018. Once again, in this interview we were able to discuss with Scott recent product announcements from Logitech: The Rally…

4 Reasons Why Clubhouse Will Lose its Luster

I have participated in several Clubhouse sessions, and (with @EvanKirstel) hosted four. My current conclusion is: It’s a brilliant, but dumb service. Let’s start with why it’s brilliant. Clubhouse filled a gaping void for connection. I agree with many others…

Contemplating CCaaS? Consider These Issues.

CCaaS evaluations are easier when you start with some philosophical boundaries.

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