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July 2020 Insider Report

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from July 2020 The big story in July was Hamilton on Disney+. It may not seem like an enterprise communications story, but I saw the show in 2015 right after the NY Mitel Analyst…

TalkingHeadz with Stewart Butterfield

While Slack gets its fair-share of publicity as an innovative technology provider, its story is less understood within the UCC space. Slack may not have been the first messaging-centric collaboration solution, but it was the first to breakthrough. Virtually every…

TalkingHeadz Podcast with CEO Bruce at Ribbon

I really enjoyed this conversation. Bruce has a tremendous opportunity with Ribbon, but it won’t be easy. Ribbon has a lot of moving parts. I’ve been impressed with many things (projects, approaches, people, vision, etc.) at Ribbon, but the company…

Unify-Atos Connects with RingCentral

Earlier this year, Atos expanded its portfolio with RingCentral. It seemed odd at first as Atos had acquired Unify along with its UC portfolio back in 2016. However, Unify had very limited UCaaS services, and SI Atos needed UCaaS in…

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