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March 2021 Insider Report

The Most Important Enterprise Communications News from March 2021 Let’s Talk About March 2021: They never make a stink about this on Game of Thrones, but winter is going. The days are getting longer. The big news this month was…

A Few Thoughts on Microsoft and Nuance

The big story today is Microsoft acquiring Nuance for $16B in cash! The specifics are surprising, but the story hasn’t changed. This is a logical or reasonable acquisition. The bottom line question is if the asset called Nuance will be…

Reselling UCaaS: Why This Model Is Gaining in Popularity

A look at how 8×8, Mitel, and 2600Hz approach the resale model for their cloud-delivered services

Chips are Down

While the toilet paper shortages last spring were stressful enough, the global chip shortage is a bigger shitstorm. The shortage is impacting graphics cards, CPUs, game consoles, cars and trucks, smartphones, and much more. First, a brief explanation on the…

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