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T-Mobile Rated Fastest on LTE

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Who has the best LTE network? Verizon, of course, right? Um, no.

Apparently, and quite shockingly, it is T-Mobile. They have the best and fastest LTE network. Really, I can’t make stuff like that up.

Open Signal, which is an independent rating company just gave T-Mobile the crown of having the fastest LTE network…and by no small margin. They are 50% faster than Verizon’s LTE and more than twice the speed of Sprint’s.

Actually, OpenSignal is a great way to objectively evaluate cellular carriers. They use real data that they capture themselves. You can look at detailed real maps, see towers, and see what the carriers don’t want you to see.

It’s interesting that none of the “big 3” US Carriers rate as “fast” any longer. To receive a rating of “fast” you need to deliver actual speeds of 15 megabits per second. Verizon is less than half that, about the same as AT&T.

I don’t know where Verizon’s head is at these days. It sure doesn’t seem to be “minding the store.” I hope the executives are getting better at their Golf, at least. Since he’s making $16 Million a year I imagine he gets some practice.

(What does a person do to actually be worth $16 Million a year: They run up $130 Billion in debt and sell off assets including towers and run the business with a net operating loss…that’s what.)


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