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Recommended Cellular Rates

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Let me throw out how I would price service if I was the Wireless Product manager:

Charges would have two parts:

  1. A charge for every connected device.
  2. A charge for data usage.

The charge to connect a device would be $10 for data devices or $22.50 to include unlimited calling and texting on any phone.

Data would cost $7.50 per gigabyte. Buy all the data you want. We love it when you buy data.

It would work out to roughly this for one device:

  • 1 GB of data: $30
  • 3 GB of data: $45
  • 5 GB of data: $60
  • 10 GB of data: $97.50

See, pricing really can be simple, understandable, and fair. Just add the phones you want, and pay a simple fair price for data. Easy as pie.

Let me also offer that if they offered a fair price for international service that would be compelling:

When traveling internationally, you get ½ gigabyte for the $7.50 charge. So international data is just two times the normal price when you roam. Phone calls are 25-cents per minute when outside the United States. Bon Appetit!


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