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My Love-Hate Relationship with T-Mobile

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I love the feisty attitude of T-Mobile’s CEO. He has dropped prices and expanded service and really changed the cellular industry in a way that nobody else could have or would have. He’s good for us consumers!

Go T-Mobile!

But T-Mobile does have some problems.

Twenty months ago T-Mobile promised that half of their cell sites would be upgraded from Edge to LTE by the end of 2014. They promised that the rest would be upgraded by mid-2015.

Well, the time has come to judge them by their own words.

I have a home in the Seattle area and we still only have Edge coverage. The same is true as we travel throughout Western Washington: Edge. We have traveled to other western states and I can truthfully say there are still a whole lot of Edge towers out there. In fact, most cities and areas that I go through are only Edge on T-Mobile.

So I am sad to report that the T-Mobile network is not what we were promised.

I hope that we remember Legere’s words and hold T-Mobile accountable. If we don’t, the cell phone business will just devolve back into a liar’s contest.


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  • Joe Catul

    I’m curious, which phone do you use?

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