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Chatting with Dave 1

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Pleased to post a conversation with Dave Maldow of LetsGoVideo in a potential new series called Chatting With Dave. Dave calls it “Chatting with Dave and Dave” but I thought it was rude to list him second. I think the ambiguous  “Chatting with Dave” is a more politically correct (it’s me).

Hot topics in this video include:

  • The Innovation Showcase at Enterprise Connect 2015
  • WebRTC (it doesn’t exist)
  • Persistent Group Chat vs. IM

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  • mjgraves

    The very latest release of Chrome has been extended in the manner that was promised back in Q1-2014. Back then they promised that they would allow the device selection at the application layer, meaning exposing it to the Javascript. This includes the existing mic & cameras devices, and adds application level selection of the audio playback device. All of this is what’s required to allow WebRTC devs to achieve the same kind of device selection capability, hopefully simplicity, that installable clients have offered for years. Their own test page has some of this already. Check out:

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