Aastra Shareholders Approve Sale to Mitel


Big week for industry Canucks eh? Last week the shareholders of Aastra Technologies agreed to be acquired by Mitel. Ballots were dropped in a large toque that was passed around the maple log lodge. Ninety-nine percent of the voters indicated Oui, mmmmhmm, yup, yeah, or aye.  Each share of Aastra gets about 3.5 toonies ($6.52 USD). a set of antlers, and 3.6 shares of Mitel stock. After the vote, a celebration took place at a nearby Tim Hortons – Double Doubles all around until the Mounties showed-up.

There’s just a few more forms  (and checks to write) in order to finish the merger which is on track for completion this quarter. Prior Canadian telecom champs Nortel and Blackberry have stepped down to make room for Mitel.

What it Means

This is a pretty big deal. If Mitel can maintain the revenue streams, it will be $1.1 billion firm with a significantly increased presence in Europe.

The jewels of Aastra include:

  • Market leadership in several European countries, particularly with the MX-ONE platform.
  • An impressive line-up of phones – a major update expected soon. This includes both the SIP phones and the Microsoft Optimized phones for Lync. Hidden within the SIP phones is an industry leading software development kit.
  • Clearspan. This is Aastra’s large enterprise solution which actually uses underlying technology from BroadSoft. This gives Mitel a new level of scalability appropriate for very large enterprises – like the planned 400,000 device deployment taking place at the USPS. Clearspan is also available to universities through the Internet2 consortium. I think Clearspan represents tremendous opportunity for Mitel.
  • A channel network of over 1000 resellers operating in 100 countries.
  • An impressive global account list that includes many large organizations.
  • Cash. Aastra had it -Mitel calls it a de-leveraging asset.

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Dave Michels