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New Travel Book

by My Surface Pro 3 broke - not sure why. But I won't miss it!

I’m a desktop boy. I like the large monitors, a full size keyboard, a big (Blue Yeti) mic, and speakers with a subwoofer. Of course, this is very impractical for…

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Sangoma Taps into Cloud UC


Sangoma enters the hosted/cloud telephony and unified communications market with the new PBXact UCC (Unified Cloud Communications) service for small and mid-sized businesses and small enterprises (up to 200 users)….

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Confused About WebRTC?


Many people think that I am opposed to WebRTC. That’s ridiculous. What’s there to be opposed to? A free and open standard that facilitates rich visual communications in clients and…

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Fall Conference Season

by conferences

I enjoyed my summer in Boulder – especially with my new e-Bike. But after a very hot summer, my travel respite is coming to a close. It’s time to seal the deal…

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The iPhone Lineup


On September 7 Apple announced its new iPhone. Except for the “7” it looks very familiar. I have never been less excited about a new Apple announcement cycle. Tim Cook has…

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What Happened to Skype?

by skype

Everyone uses Skype. That’s why MS bought it. But something is terribly wrong.  I use Skype on multiple devices, and it’s no longer in-sync.  My laptop is marking lots of…

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“IoT” is Just a Fad

by iot-globe

There’s a lot of hype about IoT. The sales projections for this sector are huuuge, and it’s incredible how many vendors and carriers have IoT initiatives. Enjoy it while it…

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Veep Matters

by veep

No matter who we choose for president, the odds are that they will die in office. So you should spend a lot of time on which vice president you like,…

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3CX Automates & Integrates with V15


3CX has rolled out a major software release for its Microsoft Windows-based software PBX, the 3CX Phone System for Windows. The new Version 15 includes a number of improvements based…

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Latest Podcast

Hopes and Aspirations for 2016

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts address their “hopes and aspirations” for UC for the rest of 2016, and welcome new Expert Dave Smith group. Moderator Dave Michels is joined…

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SD-WANs: The Bad and Ugly

by router

Software Defined WANs (SD-WANs) are getting a lot of good press and the Gartner 2016 Networking Hype Cycle puts them at the peak of expectations, before sliding down into the…

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Getting Rain from a Cloud

by Avocado Tree

What I really like about IoT is the broadness of the topics it spans. Conversations move across planes, trains, and automobiles as well as everything on and in-between them faster…

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Patience is a Virtue (Apple)

by Milk Carton

What is Tim Cook doing at Apple? It has now been 476 days since the last release of the Retina MacBook Pro (May 2015) It has now been 691 days since…

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Genesys Snags Interactive Intelligence

by Genesys

I have mixed feelings on this acquisition. I generally like it when a founder sells a company, but I didn’t have the impression Don Brown wanted to sell. I’m sure he…

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August 2016 Books Elon Musk +5

by Elon Musk

August was a banner month for completed books. The list appears long, but I think I read Coraline in July and forgot to include it in last month’s post, and several of these…

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The Role of vCPE in Branch Offices


Virtual Customer Premise Equipment (vCPE) provides network routing, security, and other functions via software versus dedicated hardware devices.  While most enterprises have a virtualization strategy for their data center, few…

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Facts Matter


A lot of the news we read is really opinion, not news and not facts. There are several reasons for this: As any undergraduate student knows, it’s easy to BS…

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Discussing THINGS with Chris Matthieu


I’ve known Chris for some time (pre-stache), and he seems to have a knack for good ideas. I caught up with him to find out more about his new role…

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Will Cisco Monopolize the SD-WAN Market?


IDC forecasts that the SD-WAN market will grow from $225M in 2015 to $6B by 2020.  This is a CAGR of over 90%!  The global enterprise network equipment market consisting…

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My Greatest Sadness


I love life. I am one of the happiest people I know of. My wife says I am nearly always upbeat and have boundless energy. Indeed, when I tell stories…

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Mitel MiCloud Office Enters US Market


Recently, Mitel introduced MiCloud Office, a new unified communications as-a-service (UCaaS) offering available in the U.S. and UK markets now, with Germany and France to follow in the third quarter…

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Vik Verma, CEO 8x8

8×8 CEO Has a Tiger by the Tail

[My interview with Vik first appeared on NoJitter on February 8, 2016] Vik Verma became CEO of UCaaS pioneer 8×8 in 2013, having been recruited into the company a year earlier…

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