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SD-WAN Meets Cloud UC


Software-defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) has been making big headlines lately as the next frontier for enterprise networking and a better approach to handling the high-bandwidth requirements of the modern…

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Three Stages of IoT


IoT conversations, like Uber conversations, take unexpected turns if you assume the other person’s attitude. Most people seem to be positive on Uber – after-all it did improve multiple  aspects…

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Why Network Refreshes Take 3-4 Years – Part 1

by calendar

Today’s networks are very complex and enterprises have been conservative in making any major changes, for fear of causing an outage that disrupts the business.  Most network projects are tactical…

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Can’t Answer Your iPhone? You Aren’t Alone!


I can’t answer incoming calls on my iPhone 7 plus about 10% of the time. The call appears on the screen, but the slider just won’t slide. The call comes…

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What I Saw at Cisco Oslo

by Oslo Experience Center

I recently spent a cold October day at Cisco Oslo. This office supports about 500 Cisco employees,  80 percent of which are engineering focused and about half of the engineers once…

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Dump Tim


My iPhone 7 plus doesn’t work. My MacOS Sierra doesn’t work. I have gone from apple products “Just Work” to a living technology hell. All of this happened in the…

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Apple Frustrations


I cannot express how frustrated I am with lousy quality Apple products. Apple’s slogan used to be “It just works”. Well, Apple with the latest release reliability is worse than…

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Vertical’s Phased Approach to Hybrid Cloud


Vertical Communications recently unveiled Vertical Cloud Connect (VCC), a suite of cloud-based applications and services hosted and running on Amazon Web Services or AWS (transitioning to Google Cloud). VCC is…

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Facebook Jumps the Shark

by Facebook Workplace

Facebook Workplace is Facebook’s new enterprise service. The company is going to attempt to expand from its consumer social-app that is associated with wasted time and cat videos to an…

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Latest Podcast

Hopes and Aspirations for 2016

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts address their “hopes and aspirations” for UC for the rest of 2016, and welcome new Expert Dave Smith group. Moderator Dave Michels is joined…

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Avaya Not So Guilty

by Avaya logo

Ten years ago Avaya filed a lawsuit against a partner named Telecom Labs in Washington state. Avaya felt that Telecom Labs (later renamed to Continuant) was performing unauthorized maintenance services…

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UC and Conferencing

by webex Conferencing

Does UC include conferencing? The vendor pitch is always yes, but in reality conferencing is often acquired separately.  My wife just started work at a new company and on her…

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Apple is Like Disney Was

by mickey

When Walt Disney Died there was a 5 year backlog of ideas on the shelf. It took Disney 7 years to move all of those into production products. They included…

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Unified Comms My Ass

by 3-card-monte

When the PBX discovered VoIP, a whole new world of any-to-any communications became possible. The industry replaced the term “PBX” with “Unified Communications” and started selling the promise of a single enterprise…

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Post Ignite #Skype4B 2Pager

by Skype_Logo

I was really looking forward to attending Microsoft Ignite. No other UC product has impacted the enterprise more than Skype4B.  The product was on a fairly linear development path that started…

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The Network is More Than a Utility

by maslows qos

Many CIO’s consider their IT infrastructure, including networking, to be the equivalent of a public utility.  The Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) market leaders Amazon, Microsoft, and maybe Oracle have…

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Transitions Suck


Most of us love new tech. There’s nothing better than the faster, better, and cheaper mantra of technology. We forget sometimes how unusual this is. The hammer remains largely unchanged….

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Logitech has a new WebCam

by logitech-c922

Video is more pervasive than ever before, yet webcam leader Logitech hasn’t introduced a new webcam since 2012. That changes today with the new Loigtech C922 Pro Stream Webcam. Like the…

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Books Sep 2016 Abundance + 2

by abundance

These are the books completed in September – a good month. Still Foolin’ ‘Em by Billy Crystal: There are not much television shows I remember from high school, but Soap…

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The Explosion After Ignite

by SerafinEC15

This week was Microsoft Ignite – its now annual conference for IT Pros. I will be posting more about Ignite soon, including a new 2Pager next week. The week’s biggest Skype4B news…

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Logitech Materializes Project Rigel

by Logitech Smartdock for SfB

Microsoft continues to improve the Skype for Business video experience. Recent updates include the launch of the Surface Hub, broadcast and translation services, international POPs for conferencing, the upcoming ability for…

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Latest Interview

Vik Verma, CEO 8x8

8×8 CEO Has a Tiger by the Tail

[My interview with Vik first appeared on NoJitter on February 8, 2016] Vik Verma became CEO of UCaaS pioneer 8×8 in 2013, having been recruited into the company a year earlier…

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